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Pest control and property inspection services in Adelaide. We set new standards to the pest control industry by focusing on technology and what our customers care most.

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Affordable pest control service in Adelaide

Ultimate Pest Control Solution is a top rated and well respected Adelaide based Exterminator, that provides industry leading service at competitive prices. When you have a pest problem or want to protect your home from future invaders, we apply our science-based approach to help identify the root of your problem and implement a solution made expressly for your home.


Protect Your Home & Surrounding

Protect Your Home

Protect your home from invasive insects and rodents. These pests are not only a nuisance, but they can be serious health risks to you and your family, and even your pets. Our custom designed, innovative pest control solutions will rid your home and yard of rodents, ants, wasps, bees, mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, and more! Our treatments are safe and effective, designed and specialized for your particular pest problems.


Protect Your Business & Commercial Property

Protect Your Business

Protect your business and your customers from the nuisance and health risks of invasive pests – insects and rodents – with our custom designed, innovative pest control solutions. We’ll rid your apartment complex, hotel, restaurant, factory, warehouse, or any other commercial property of rodents, ants, wasps, bees, mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, and more! Our treatments are safe and effective, designed and specialized for your particular pest problems.

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We guarantee that our pest control services are highly effective and professional. We use safe pest products which eradicate them while maintaining an uninterrupted daily schedule for you and your loved ones.

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Ants are not harmful until they form colonies at your home or office space. They prefer to choose basement,garden, etc.


You can count on your local expert Ultimate Pest Control Solution for flea pest control We make use of the premium technology.


Are you searching for an industry-standard, professional bed bug pest control that can completely solve the bug infestation issue?


Subterranean termites which are commonly known as white ants are a highly destructive pest group with widespread property damage.


Cockroaches are very annoying creatures. They make your place unhygienic and spread diseases. Contact us today.


We use the latest technology and methods for early detection of beetles at their initial stage of infestation. same-day, quick service.

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We follow the state of art technology and science based products and techniques for our work. Check out some of our field works and pest control works.


Their operatives have always been helpful and friendly. I would recommend Ultimate Pest Control Solution to anyone.

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Just used Ultimate Pest Control yesterday. Choose them because they know what they doing and the price is pretty good.

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I have been using them for couple of times. Professional service for reasonable price.

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Staff is friendly and they were on time and service is awesome.

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Our team at Ultimate Pest Control Solution have answered some of our most frequently asked questions about our services and pest control process. For more information or for any further queries contact us.

Depending on the treatment, Our pest control services cost starts from $99. However, price is also dependent on the scale of the extermination or removal, as well as how big space is that needs servicing. At Ultimate Pest Control Solution, we’re dedicated to providing superior services for an affordable price, and therefore, we’re happy to discuss prices with our customers when it comes to inspection, extermination, and both commercial and domestic pest control. 

Understanding who is responsible for pest control when renting is a tricky task. Often, conflicts arise between landlords and tenants when determining who is responsible for paying for the service. In Australia, the responsibility is down to interpretation and what kind of pest is infesting the property. Usually, if a tenant has pets, then pests like fleas become the tenant’s responsibility. However, if moving into a home and you find that the property is infested with rats, mice or termites, then it’s often the landlord must pay for extermination or removal services.

After any pest control treatment, our team of experts at Ultimate Pest Control Solution will walk you through how to ensure that your treatment process continues to work without any unnecessary disruptions. We’ll provide you with a set of instructions which are vital for you to follow as well as a safety sheet that will provide you with further information. After pest control spray, we recommend that you avoid mopping the edges of internal walls for the first couple of weeks to ensure that the process continues to work successfully. However, you can still clean and vacuum both the interior and exterior of your property.

We understand that timing can be an important factor as you may think that pest control can be an inconvenience to your daily routine. At Ultimate Pest Control Solution, the duration of our treatments is dependent on individual cases. While a regular pest infestation treatment may take up to 90 minutes, pest control with an active infestation may take an hour or longer. Hence, after an inspection of your property and an assessment of the infestation issue, we’ll be able to estimate how long the treatment may take. For more information on timing and services, contact us today.

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